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Imagine your company reaching its full potential, exceeding even your most ambitious goals.

Imagine your company reaching its full potential, exceeding even your most ambitious goals.

What would that look like?

What would that look like?

Aspiration with solid fill

At Trebor Consultants, we help technology companies navigate the complexities of growth and unlock their full potential.

Through our

specialized expertise and our

vision to reality approach,

we partner with clients to develop the tools and strategies to achieve sustainable market success.

Your Partner for Growth

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Clear and Actionable Strategies

Our team of experts will guide you through a comprehensive process to identify your goals, analyze market opportunities, and define a winning roadmap for success.

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Complex Challenges

With deep industry knowledge and a proven track record, we help you overcome obstacles and navigate the ever-changing tech landscape.



Ideas into Action

We don't just create plans, we help you execute them flawlessly. Our focus on operational excellence ensures efficient implementation and maximizes the impact of your strategies.

“Trebor Consultants' Managing Partner, Bob Fizzard, partnered to help us in 2023 and fast-tracked Neutron Controls' ability to engage with major automotive OEMs and Tier One players by building a robust quality management system. Trebor Consultants' expertise has well-positioned us to achieve an ISO Integrated Management System certification (ISO9001 & ISO14001) in the 2024 summer timeframe. Thank you, Bob, for what you have helped the Neutron Controls team achieve.”

Dave Stubbs, President and CEO




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Thrive in the

Face of Adversity

with Trebor Consultants



Achieve your ambitious growth

goals and reach new market


Enhanced Efficiency

Create centers of excellence and maximize resource utilization.

Market Leadership

Develop a competitive edge and position your organization for long-term success.

Aspiration with solid fill

Work with us

“Trebor Consultants' Managing Partner, Bob Fizzard is a very experienced and capable leader. Bob’s ability to manage a wide scope of challenges is extremely valuable to any growth-oriented businesses.”

Neil Chaulk, CEO

Industry Experience

Telecommunications and Networking

eMobility and Energy Storage Systems (ESS)


Power Electronics

Electronic Systems Integration

Unified Communications

Audio/Video Communications

Virtualized Infrastructure

Digital Health Products

Supply Chain

Information Technology Computer Network, Telecommunication Ethernet Cables Connected to Switch.
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Global communications and video conferencing - Business meeting with remote partners
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Delivering Business Results through Consultative Services & Coaching

The Trebor Advantage

Business Strategy

Developing business strategies

that achieve ambitious goals

Go-to-Market Strategy

Defining target markets, value propositions and market positioning





Product Management

Strategy, market research,

product growth and

go-to-market execution

Operations Excellence

Establish program management office, implement quality management system and manage complex projects

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“Working alongside Bob Fizzard [of Trebor Consultants] to implement ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems into Neutron Controls was a game-changer. Bob's strategic guidance and expertise were pivotal in navigating the complexities of the implementation process. His tailored approach and proactive support ensured a seamless integration, empowering Neutron Controls to meet certification requirements efficiently. Bob's commitment to excellence and insightful direction were invaluable assets throughout the entire journey.”

Ted Spiller, Compliance Consultant

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Chris Cooper


Managing Partner

Bob Fizzard


Managing Partner

With our combined expertise, we equip you with the tools, strategies and execution plans needed to weather any storm and reach your destination.




Trebor Consultants

Aspiration with solid fill

Work with us

Strategic Partnership

We work collaboratively and openly with your team to achieve sustainable growth.

Client-Centric Approach

We offer tailored solutions, from project-based work to ongoing support, adjusting to your specific needs and budget.

Experienced Professionals

Our team brings a wealth of expertise across various roles and industries.

Ready to Unleash


Don't settle for incremental progress. Let Trebor Consultants be your guide to unleashing your organization’s full potential and achieving transformative growth.

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